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Navigational Tool CryVon Technology Inc.'s primary focus is customer satisfaction. CTI's products and services were developed with the user in mind. Products such as IAMMS was developed by maintenance people for maintenance people. IAMMS, designed to be user friendly for maintenance technicians, provides the reporting mechanism to effectively plan and schedule maintenance. The incorporation of the wireless features and the ability to communicate via PDA devices increases productivity and efficiency. CTI's products and services are providing the the state of the art technology our customers need.

Richard Elseheimer - "IAMMS has provided a means of communicating problems / success across plant."

John Chapman - "Transportation Management Server - Having the wireless capcbilities that CryVon offers, enables us to be more mobile and efficient."

Authur Reddman - "With the Alarm Tracker, we went from reactive to proactive maintenance."

Bill Cooper - "IAMMS Cylinder inventory - By managing bottles properly and not having to pay demerge on bottles that are not needed is saving the company $113,034.00 anually."

John Wilson - "IAMMS Wireless Palm Maintenance - We are able to view company wide data with the wireless database updates and messaging feature. This is essential to any Chemical Plant."