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Navigational Tool CryVon Technology Inc. (CTI) develops desktop/wireless handheld computing software and services, using industry standards to provide the business applications companies need on the handhelds they choose over the networks they prefer. CTIís Equipment Maintenance Management Software (IAMMS), IAMMS Palm Maintenance Tracking (IPALM), IAMMS Palm Maintenance Tracking (Wireless PALMW), Palm Transportation Tracking (PTTS), and Transportation Management Server (CTMS) are designed to document and manage equipment maintenance operations and enable users to document maintenance action from the field and synchronize their logs with their desktop or make updates to their desktop through a wireless connection.

Understanding the needs of the mobile professional, the software includes messaging and corporate data access, as well as a full suite of management feature and functions. With CTI our customers experience peerless flexibility by enabling them to select the wireless carrier(s), platform(s), database(s), network(s) and device(s) of their choice. Our technology supports the XP, Windows 2000, Palm, Pocket PC and the Symbian operating systems, the latest handheld devices and smartphones that use them, and practically every wireless carrier, worldwide. In addition, our integration with third-party applications allow our customers to view, edit and interact with documents and attachments, providing a virtual lap-top experience.

IAMMS Palm Maintenance Tracking (Wireless PALMW) is a wireless messaging and application access system that gives mobile field forces a synchronized connection to Microsoft Exchange Server, Oracle and other vital applications. Brad Michael stated that "IAMMS has provided a means of communicating problems / success across plant."

CryVon Technology Inc. customer portfolio includes wide variety of companies such as those in the Oil, Gas and Transportation industries. CTI has partnered with industry leaders such as Microsoft, palmOne, palmsource, VeriSign, and others. Our partnership with palmOne and palmsource offers of IAMMS and PTTS with Palm OS on the Treo 600 and 650 Ė a wireless offering that provides a great do-it-all device for mobile professionals that can be easily customized for business using the plethora of applications developed specifically for the Palm OS, making it a simple yet powerful wireless communications device.

CTI products and services extends the power of the laptop to the smartphone.

    • IAMMS and PTTS is compatible with the two leading mobile platforms: the Microsoft Mobile platform and Palm OS
    • Supported devices include the Pocket PC Phone Edition, and the Treo 600 and 650
    • CTI partners with leading wireless carriers, including Bell Mobility, Cingular, Orange, Rogers, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon
    • The IAMMS Server (ISS) and CTMS offer an online portal to applications that deliver a laptop-like experience on CTI-powered devices

CryVon Technology Inc is a client-centered organization working to create solutions with the specific needs of each customer in mind. Having its roots as consulting firm, CTI views the sales of its systems as only the beginning of a consultant-client relationship. This viewpoint is paramount in maintaining customer satisfaction as CTIís primary focus.